Who am I ?

I « transition » :

My first great transition took place when, after 3 years in a corporate environment, I left for 3 months to China by the transiberian train to come back from Asia 20 months later. I arrived in Taïwan after one month in Mainland China and in Japan without flying. I finally took the plane to go to Thaïland, India, Malaisia, Indonesia, Singapore.

I discovered other ways of thinking, other outlooks on life, I learned to revisit my « certainties », my fixed ideas, my prejudices, which enriched myself personally and allowed me to deepen my relationships to others. What a delight !

I also integrated the links between the body, the mind and the spirit (and the essential role of emotions) which are so essential for our well-being and health, and must be taken into account. My personal history, and that of dear ones, resulted in deepening my knowledge and experiences in these fields along the years together with that of the voice that so much reveals our essence (I have always loved singing alone or with several people).

I « get back into line » :

More classically, I went to a language and law school to start with. I later headed towards a Master of international business and finished by a project management MBA. After a long permanent contract, I contracted with very different companies in size, in style and industry (from very small businesses to multinational companies, from a professional association to consulting firms, from a Foundation to banks), in translating, interpreting, sales (in France, in Taïwan, and exports), organizing events, teaching … I also took part in various projects, very different in nature (marketing, management control …) … in France and abroad (England, Germany, Taïwan). I have known different status : wage-earner, free-lancer, independant.

I also explored the temp world, while preparing my projects, as an assistant to managing directors, CEOs, Vice-Presidents in international environments where I could practice my languages : English, German and Spanish, and observe various cultures and management systems as well as many human interactions from a different point of view.

I therefore lived a number of successful transitions in very varied worlds and with very different people. Life also led me to the United States and Latin America where I could discover another world in terms of ideas and people – so similar, very very deep, … but so different. This « anthropological » journey, that I found so rich, gave rise to a very strong call towards coaching, and more specifically transition coaching. I therefore chose to be trained in different fields in order to best answer the diversity of women, men, the needs of each of you.

Those approaches have something in common : they all belong to the human psychology trend which acknowledges the value of each human being as a unique, original individual who deserves a deep respect. It insists on the competences people have, their potential for change and grants them the right to self-determine themselves.

Transition coach :

To partner with you as you navigate the unknown in your personal or professional life and help you make the most of your resources to get the results you want.

I am :

  • Master Coach, certified by ICI-Coach (Institute for International Coaching from Alain Cayrol),
  • Master Practitioner in NLP, certified by Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier,
  • Adv-Practitioner in TFT, certified by Joanne Callahan, co-founder,
  • Trained in Enneagram (1st  cycle), in Process Communication (level 1), in Transactional Analysis, very interested in systemics and neurosciences (numerous books and experiences)
  • Trained in the Human Element from Will Schutz (level 1, on leadership).

I am supervised, member of EMCC France, the European coaching association, and NLPNL that federates French speaking associations for people who are certified in NLP.

I am very interested in creativity and innovation : I participated to the Pedagogy and Creativity Colloquium for Crea-University, with workshops from Guy Aznar, Todd Lubart, Olwen Wolfe, among others. I attended, for a long time, the « Innovation Tuesdays » from the International Innovation specialist and International speaker Marc Giget.

As far as sports are concerned, I have been attracted to aviation sports as well as scuba diving, horses (leading – sometimes within a team – and riding) as well as martial arts, which enabled me to see very different people.

My name is Marie-Ange Gaullier and I look forward to helping you go more serenely beyond the transition that calls you or that you are already living.

Let’s connect very soon (mail, phone or skype).