Transactional Analysis

According to Eric Berne, the inventor of transactional analysis, one of the main goals of transactional analysis is to « establish a communication that is as open and authentic as possible between the emotional and intellectual parts of personality »

« Transactional analysis shifts the attention from what happens inside people to emphasize on what happens between them », Claude Steiner, « Scripts people live ».

Transactional analysis is a social psychology that has been created by Eric Berne, a physician, who developed key concepts that make it possible to analyze and change interaction schemes when they prevent us from reaching our goals in our private and/or professional lives.

For more than fourty years, Eric Berne’s theory has been enriched by numerous developments that resulted in its use in coaching, consulting (multicultural, mediation, humanitary, social …), training (schools, families ..) and the growth of organizations.

Various studies have validated its efficiency in very different contexts.