Professional Affiliations

In Europe, several associations rule the coaching profession in order to protect the client, the adviser, the company and the coach.

« Professional coaching can be defined as a relationship that is carried on a certain period of time which allows the client to get concrete and measurable results in his professional and personal life. Through the coaching process, the client broadens his knowledge and performs better.

Coaching can be one-on-one, on the phone or in group sessions, or even in specific places (sports coach). There can be written exchanges in-beween sessions.

One can be coached and follow a psychotherapy at the same time but coaching is not psychotherapeutic »

ICF France
(French ICF board : International Coach Federation)

« Coaching is helping people and teams to develop their potential and their know-how within their professional goals »

French Coaching Society (SFC)

EMCC (European coaching association) acknowledges various types of coaching » : « professional coaching, life coaching, organization coaching, multicultural coaching …  »