« I found the coaching enlightening, relevant. I learnt to find resources through who I am, my possibilities, my potential, as if I revisited the house that I already knew but was discovering the rooms differently. Everything became simple ; I became more peaceful session after session. I liked your availability, your flexibility, your insight, the fact that you never gave up although I was giving up. I was emotionnally exhausted and you respected it »


« I found the coaching pleasant, instructive, interesting. It enabled me to ask myself questions I had never thought about, to become more or less conscious of the points to work on, the things to get the hang of.

I try to use the second position, the meta position, to have a different perspective on my behavior in various situations »


« I tried a number of methods to help me stop smoking (hypnosis, acupuncture, reiki …). I always started to smoke again.

When Marie-Ange told me about her method, I did not believe it could help me. I had also tried EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) but failed to stop, once more.

I just let her show me. After all, I did not risk much in trying.

Before we started, Marie-Ange asked me what prevented me to stop and what drove me to smoke. With her help, it all became clearer. We finally worked on my fear to stop smoking. During the session, I could measure how huge this fear was. During the tapping, I felt a relief and then I felt very relaxed.

Two months later, I took the decision to stop smoking. I could do it with no substitutes and above all without feeling this fear without my cigarettes.

It was more than a year ago and I do not feel any craving for a cig as it had been the case each time I had tried to stop smoking.

Thanks very much, Marie-Ange »

Stéphanie Rastello

« Marie-Ange helps me very softly, kindly, and efficiently on my path. I often admire the amount of her knowledge, her apparently unlimited curiosity ; I am also conforted by her rare dedication. I simply feel confident.

Had I not been confident, I would certainly had been one of those people who would have felt discouraged by tft. I found the idea of tapping (especially around the eyes or on the fingers, god knows why) very unpleasant, and I was very sceptical it could be of any help.

But I now know Marie-Ange, I know how serious she is, I know how much time she dedicates to investigation, study, pratice, supervision, I know that she does not work in a field without being certain of clinical results. Therefore I tried.

I wanted to work on tiredness. To make a story short : I had thought I had tried everything. But, the dark rings under my eyes that were reaching my knees proved I had repeatedly failed. I can sleep 12 hours in a row, but nothing changes, I wake up exhausted.

I had close to immediate results with TFT. Impressive ! The first day after the first session, after only 6 hours sleep, I woke up well-rested and with a striking feeling of serenity ! The following days did not contradict these results : I sleep less and better, I wake up recharged, full of energy and drive for the day. It is an extraordinary feeling that I wish everybody could experience…»

Virginie Kelderhouse, Paris