Are you confused ? Which directions ? Which goals should you choose ?

Are you overwhelmed ? Do you have too many new things to integrate ?

Where can you go ? Which direction should you take ? Are you focused ? unfocused ?

How can you go from one world to the other one ?

What is transition ?

« A change is a move, a new work, the birth of a child, the death of a father, the arrival of a new boss, or a merger in the company we work in. In short, change is situational/the event, while transition is the inner re-orientation and self-redefinition that we go through. A change works out only if it is integrated by the individual through transition. But our society mentions changes a lot, but rarely transition. Which is unfortunate, because most of our problems can be explained by a failed transition ».
« It is when we are in transition that we are most completely alive »

William Bridges

« Transitions, making sense of life’s changes »

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You feel a bit thrown off balance ? Whether the situation you live is happy or more difficult, it is a major change ? You want to move, to go forward, to evolve personally or professionally ? Your points of reference are somewhat turned upside down ?

It is essential for you to find how to better live this situation while respecting yourself, listening to yourself and go towards the life you long for. You will develop your talents and competences at the same time.

It is easier to be helped along the way to better use the resources you have within yourself. I know this path. I took it many times, in different ways.

During a transition, whether it is a personal, professional or cultural one, many aspects can be considered. Some of which are :

  • Better balance your personal and professional life
  • Deal with your emotions and/or your stress
  • Better communicate
  • Solve problems
  • Make choices …
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Be more assertive, know and respect your limits, be able to say NO
  • Deal with grief (loss or change of a job, loss of a dear one, relationship breakup …) and go ahead
  • Get rid of a phobia : social phobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, plane, insects, spiders …
  • Stop smoking …


Call me or write me in order to ask me the questions that are important for you and/or to tell me more about what you wish to achieve

« I found the coaching enlightening, relevant. I learnt to find resources through who I am, my possibilities, my potential, as if I was revisiting the house that I already knew but was discovering the rooms differently. Everything became simple ; I became more peaceful session after session. I like your availability, your flexibility, your insight, the fact that you never gave up although I was giving up. I was emotionnally exhausted and you respected it »


« I found the coaching pleasant, instructive, interesting. It enabled me to ask myself questions I had never thought about, to become more or less conscious of the points to work on, the things to get the hang of.

I try to use the second position, the meta position, to have a different perspective on my behavior in various situations »



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